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We can assist you in getting your company’s financials audited by the best audit firm in Dubai and the UAE.

With a team of dedicated accountants located in Dubai, Beaufort Associates has earned a distinguished reputation among the esteemed accounting and audit firm in Dubai and the UAE. We can assist you in accessing a comprehensive array of audit and assurance services, assisting businesses in attaining their objectives. When it comes to maintaining financial accounts in accordance with UAE law, Our auditing support in Dubai and the UAE plays a crucial role. Every company is mandated to engage the services of an accredited chartered accountant firm in the UAE that holds a valid license and is registered.

With the Ministry of Economy for the purpose of auditing company accounts in accordance with the UAE Commercial Companies Law, Federal Law No. 2 of 2015.

Audit & Assurance

Auditing Services in Dubai - UAE

External Audit

Independent review for stakeholder confidence.

Internal Audit

Strengthen processes, Maximise efficiency.

Internal Controls Review

Risk mitigation through robust controls.

ICV Audit

In-country value assessment.

Liquidation Audit

Assistance with orderly closure.

Sales Audit

Revenue Assurance.

We’re the architects of financial confidence, building success, one audit at a time.

Hire the Best Audit Firm in Dubai, UAE

Finding the Best audit firms in Dubai is a crucial decision that requires careful thought. It’s essential to Hire with a firm that adds value to your business by uncovering wrongdoings, staff weaknesses, and internal control issues. What matters most is finding a firm that not only identifies issues during the audit but also provides valuable recommendations to address them.

Among the top choices, our remarkably affordable firm, Beaufort Associates, stands out. Give us a call today and speak with one of our experienced account experts.

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Types of Audit Support Services in Dubai, UAE

While audit services in Dubai are often seen as referring to the external audit of company financial statements, there are many different types of audit services, each with its own specific focus and purpose.

Following is a list of some of the most common types of audit services in the UAE:

Financial statement audits:

A financial statement audit is performed by audit firms in Dubai and comprises the auditors’ opinion as to whether the financial statements of the company being audited are presented fairly, in all material respects, in accordance with IFRS Standards and comply with the relevant regulatory requirements.

We assist clients in getting their financial statements audited by auditors of their choice or by auditors from our panel of auditors. In either case, we provide a one-stop shop for our clients which allows them to delegate the entire process, from bookkeeping to compilation of accounts to arranging for audit services to our experienced staff.

For such assignments our work normally involves liaising with the external auditors, obtaining quotations and shortlisting the best audit firms, arranging for the preparation of financial information and the schedules the auditors require and generally assisting them to have the audit completed and the audit report issued expeditiously.

The services we provide are carried out on behalf of the client company and although we assist in all aspects of this work, the company owners remain responsible for the final content of the financial statements, the completeness and proper recording of transactions therein, the signing of representation letters for the auditors and the approval of accounts for the audit.

Audit support services are generally provided as an adjunct to accounting services and may also be provided as a standalone service to relieve client resources from work that may detract from their day-to-day commitments.

Operational audits:

These audits are performed to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s internal controls and operational processes. Operational audits can be conducted on any aspect of an organization’s operations, such as its sales and marketing processes, its manufacturing processes, or its customer service processes.

Operational audits may be carried out as a one-off review assignment.

As opposed to external audits where the auditors are appointed by and are responsible for reporting to the shareholders, for operational and compliance audits auditors are usually appointed by the company management and must report back to them with their findings.

Compliance audits:

These audits are performed to assess an organization’s compliance with internal controls, policies and procedures as established by the management. Such audits may also be carried out to assess compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Compliance audits can be conducted on any type of law or regulation, such as employment laws, and financial or environmental regulations.

Compliance audits may be considered as a form of internal audit and are often carried out as an ongoing exercise with monthly or quarterly reporting the the management or the audit committee. Such audits are distinct from external audits in that the auditors are required to report to the management or the company directors as opposed to the shareholders.

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Information systems audits:

These audits are performed to assess the security and effectiveness of an organization’s information systems. Information systems audits can be conducted on any type of information system, such as a company’s accounting system, its customer relationship management system, or its website.

Information systems audits are very specialised and technical in nature and are usually conducted by staff trained in information technology review and assessment. Such audits assess the effectiveness and compliance with controls within the company’s IT infrastructure as well as its readiness to withstand challenges emanating from outside the company’s IT ecosystem.

Forensic audits:

These audits are performed to investigate specific allegations of financial fraud or other wrongdoing. Forensic audits can be very complex and require specialized skills and experience.

A forensic audit report may be required to establish the nature and the quantum of financial wrongdoing and may also be required to identify and name specific individuals who may be responsible. Such reports may be required for submission to police and/or the court in support of legal proceedings.

In addition, we support our clients with specialized audit and/or review services such as Due Diligence and Agreed Upon Procedures. Such assignments are required in cases where the company requires a specific aspect of operations or financials or a specific area of activity or controls to be audited.

Such assignments are often required to be carried out in connection with the takeover of a business, amalgamation or restructuring or where the management would like to obtain comfort regarding a specific aspect of their company’s activities and operations. The assignment involves agreeing on a bespoke scope of work with the client and presenting our findings to the client after completing work.

We will be pleased to meet with you and to discuss and understand your peculiar requirements. We will then arrange to provide you a service suitable for your needs. Please contact us if you need to get your company’s financials audited by the best audit firms in Dubai and the UAE or any other related service.

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In Dubai Mainland, UAE authorities do not normally mandate annual financial audits, but companies often engage external auditors for the preparation of audited financial statements.

Such an audit may be required to ensure the company’s financial statements comply with international accounting standards and to submit such statements to banks and other stakeholders.

Following the implementation of Corporate Tax. however, audited accounts are now required to be prepared for companies operating in the UAE’s more than 40 free zone jurisdictions.

Also, Mainland companies that have annual turnover in excess of AED 50 million are also required to maintain audited financial statements.

At Beaufort, personalized assistance and attention are not merely standard practices, they are ingrained principles that we uphold. We invest substantial time and effort in understanding client requirements and in developing a proposal that is tailored to address their needs.

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