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We will give you information about the corporate tax registration last date and also discuss how registering your business for corporate tax can help your company grow and profit. 

Whether a business is relatively new or undergoing financial losses, it is imperative to register, regardless of whether their annual profit surpasses or falls below the Dh375,000 threshold.

The Federal Tax Authority has provided comprehensive information on the conditions under which corporate tax registration applies to sole proprietorships, especially when their business activities..

Are you Prepared for the VAT Audit?

All transactions must be recorded with complete information, including TRN, invoice number, customs declarations, revenue and expense figures, along with the corresponding VAT amounts.

While salaries and personal investment income remain exempt from UAE corporate tax, individuals managing multiple businesses should check out their 'employment contracts'.

UAE recently passed a federal decree-law setting the corporation tax rate at 9 percent for businesses with taxable income over AED370,000. The new law took effect for fiscal years beginning on June 1, 2023, as announced in December 2022.