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Dubai is widely recognized as the 'Middle East's Silicon Valley,' attracting entrepreneurs, startups, agency owners, and conglomerates to its hub.

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Welcome to Beaufort Associates, your premier choice for company formation consulting in Dubai. With two decades of expertise, we're your reliable partners in initiating and expanding your business in vibrant Dubai.

Our skilled team at Beaufort Associates understands the intricacies of company formation in Dubai, providing tailored solutions to suit your requirements.

Whether it's business licensing, visa, or PRO services, we offer full support throughout. Count on us for straightforward, speedy, and secure solutions prioritizing your company registration.

Rely on Beaufort Associates for a smooth and effective company formation experience in Dubai.

Customised Solutions

Establishing a business in Dubai requires offering distinctive services and solutions to meet market demands. The crucial elements involve customization and personalization, and we specialize in this field.

Professional Consultants

Our company formation services serve as your entry point to the UAE market. Leverage the expertise of our in-house professionals to implement new strategies, enabling the growth and expansion of your business.

Hassle-Free Procedure

The era of month-long document verification is over. Thanks to our extensive government connections and strong local community presence, we can swiftly facilitate the setup of your desired low-cost business in Dubai.

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    We provide all-encompassing services to assist you in the successful establishment of a company in the UAE.

    With proficiency in company formation, our team is well equipped lead you through the process of initiating a business in Dubai.

    With our extensive knowledge of the dynamic UAE business scene, we aim to make the process of setting up a company in Dubai exciting and straightforward.

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    Free zone v/s Mainland Business Setup

    When registering a company in Dubai, you must choose between setting up on the mainland or in a free zone.

    The location is a crucial factor when contemplating new business setup services in Dubai.

    Opting for a low-cost business setup in the UAE is feasible in one of Dubai's numerous dedicated free zones or on the mainland, also known as onshore.

    Establish Your Company On The Mainland Or In A Free Zone!!

    In 1985, Dubai introduced the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) as the inaugural free zone in the UAE and the Middle East. Initially hosting only 19 companies, it achieved ISO certification within a decade, setting a global precedent. The success of JAFZA served as a model for subsequent free zones, each providing strategic benefits. These zones accommodate numerous foreign individuals and institutions that have successfully established branches or wholly-owned companies in Dubai.

    In 2021, amendments to the UAE Commercial Companies Law allowed foreigners or foreign companies to have 100% ownership of businesses in the UAE, subject to specific rules. The Dubai Government promptly granted 100% foreign ownership status for over 1,000 commercial and industrial activities in the emirate.

    These changes have prompted established mainland businesses to adjust their ownership structures, while many others are actively pursuing new business formation opportunities in Dubai.

    We Also provide essential services to UAE businesses, including:

    VAT Consultancy

    Guiding you through the intricate landscape of VAT implementation, conducting comprehensive impact assessments, orchestrating crucial adjustments to accounting records and systems, and nurturing the growth of in-house accountants within your organization.

    TAX Services

    Offering a deep well of expert knowledge regarding the most current tax laws in Dubai, and tailored legal solutions to address your tax-related concerns, all orchestrated by our team of specialized tax professionals.

    Accounting Service

    our team of chartered accountants in Dubai is dedicated to providing the finest Accounting Services, ensuring that your accounting needs are not just met but exceeded through their extensive knowledge and skills.

    Seeking dependable, effective, and expert accounting services in the UAE? Entrust us as your dedicated financial counselors, steering your startup towards triumph. Get in touch now to arrange a consultation and witness the transformative impact we can bring to your business.

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    At Beaufort Associates Dubai, we have a particular expertise in delivering customized Accounting Services in Dubai that are designed to cater to the specific requirements of businesses. Our team professionals is highly skilled in various aspects of accounting, guaranteeing that your financial processes run smoothly, with precision, and in accordance with all regulations.

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    Over the years, our unwavering vision has been to become a prominent leader in the MENA region. We aim to accomplish this by offering comprehensive services that enable businesses to innovate and develop sustainable business models, ultimately maximizing profitability.

    Our mission is deeply ingrained in our professional ethos: to empower businesses to attain greater success through our steadfast dedication, unparalleled services, and an ongoing emphasis on innovation. Allow us to assist your business, drawing from our extensive 20+ years of experience.

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