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Beaufort is an industry-leading consultancy and accounting firm offering the most comprehensive range of VAT consultancy services in Dubai.

Our services also extend to providing return filing solutions to companies across the United Arab Emirates.

With over 20 years of experience to our credit, we are dedicated to helping businesses acquire detailed information pertaining to the financial impact of tax over their business activities, and the steps that they can take to mitigate its effects.

Professional VAT Consultant in Dubai – UAE

Since the implementation of the Value Added Tax (VAT), we have provided professional guidance to businesses on the ways in which they can ensure proper tax adoption and compliance.

We also provide clients with information pertaining to tax updates that they necessarily need to adopt to ensure their accounting systems and processes remain compliant with the relevant requirements.

VAT Consultant dubai

As such, the range of VAT advisory services that we offer to businesses across Dubai and the rest of the UAE are inclusive of:

  • Personnel training
  • Registration for taxation purposes
  • Ensuring proper tax compliance through the application of the right controls & protocols
  • Restructuring the supply chain, transactions and processes
  • Implementing VAT compliant accounting systems and software
  • Assessing contracts & any other documents that may have been affected by VAT compliance requirements
  • Implementation of the VAT structure all through the organisation

VAT Registration Dubai – UAE

At Beaufort, our number one priority is to ensure that our clients benefit from customised solutions that are tailored as per their individual needs.

This personalised approach makes it possible for us to help our clients acquire a detailed understanding of the policies and regulations surrounding VAT.

Let’s not forget, We offer a FREE initial consultation and setup of the accounting structure along with a 50% discount on VAT filing fee for the first two quarters for startups.

We understand that the management of the Value Added Tax is an ongoing challenge for many businesses in the UAE due to the complexity of its rules and regulations.

As such, our team of VAT experts is available at all times to help business owners acquire practical yet sound solutions to ensure 100% compliance while also managing their obligations. With us around, our clients are guaranteed to be adequately protected against penalties and unexpected liabilities.

Our team of financial experts and VAT consultants in Dubai – UAE possesses the experience and knowledge required to understand the intricacies of our clients’ businesses.

We offer comprehensive VAT advisory & VAT Registration services focused on helping our clients flourish their businesses while we cover their taxation needs.

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Beaufort was established in Dubai in September 2000 as a management consulting and business advisory services company focused on helping clients achieve their vision. We are also a trusted VAT registration consultant and offer assistance with accounting outsourcing in Dubai.

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    Why you Need a VAT Consultant in Dubai - UAE?

    What is the significance of having a VAT Consultant ?

    Given that VAT is a recent introduction in this region, it becomes imperative to seek guidance from proficient and experienced tax experts who can assist businesses in adhering to the regulations during the early phases of its implementation.

    Numerous enterprises may lack awareness regarding the necessity of VAT registration, as well as the intricacies of VAT calculation and the payment procedures.

    Beaufort VAT consultants in Dubai enable businesses to flawlessly record their income, expenses, and the associated VAT charges.

    The implementation of VAT can significantly impact business operations by reducing the risks and complexities associated with transactions.

    VAT Consultant in UAE

    Do free zone companies receive distinct treatment under VAT laws?

    The FTA (Free Trade Authority) has established a series of specific zones, and these free zones come with some unique regulations. These designated zones have special rules for the exchange of goods. For instance, no VAT (Value Added Tax) is applied when goods are traded within these designated zones.

    However, services provided by these designated zones are treated similarly to companies on the mainland. They adhere to the same regulations that apply to mainland companies, typically involving a 5% or zero-rated taxation tax rate.

    Your VAT Solution, Beaufort's Pride

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    We provide essential services to UAE businesses, including:

    Beaufort Associates FZ-LLC was founded in September 2000 as a limited liability company in Dubai Internet City. For more than 20 years, we have been offering management consulting and advisory services to numerous clients spanning various industries in Dubai and the GCC region.

    Financial Reporting Services

    At Beaufort Associates, the premier financial reporting firm in Dubai, we systematically log your company’s daily transactions into accounting software. This process is followed by a thorough financial analysis.

    TAX Services

    Offering a deep well of expert knowledge regarding the most current tax laws in Dubai, and tailored legal solutions to address your tax-related concerns, all orchestrated by our team of specialized tax professionals.

    Bookkeeping Service

    In Dubai – UAE, our adept team delivers tailored accounting and bookkeeping services, ensuring precise financial management and compliance for your business’s prosperity.

    We also provide services for VAT Registration Consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE.

    Effectively managing and updating financial records, transactions, and business accounts is crucial for any corporate entity.

    If a business meets the minimum annual turnover criteria, it is imperative to register for VAT in Abu Dhabi.

    This registration empowers the company to levy VAT on its goods and services in Dubai, UAE, passing it on to customers and subsequently remitting the collected amount to the government.

    Registered businesses enjoy several privileges, including the ability to:

    Apply VAT on taxable supplies of goods and services
    Offset VAT paid on purchases with Input Tax Credit for savings.
    Make VAT payments to the government
    File VAT returns in accordance with Dubai’s VAT Law

    To streamline the VAT registration process in Abu Dhabi, UAE, it is advisable to gather the necessary information before creating an e-service account.

    Crucial details include business particulars, contact/banking information, business partnerships, and a declaration.

    Seeking assistance from VAT consultants such as Beaufort Associates can greatly facilitate the preparation for VAT registration.

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