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Corporate Tax UAE

What is Corporate Tax in UAE?

In a significant move, the UAE Ministry of Finance has taken a new era by introducing a Corporate Tax on business profits, effective from June 1, 2023. This pivotal tax reform is strategically designed to foster the growth of small and medium enterprises within the Emirates. Under this new regime, a modest statutory tax rate of 9% will be applied to corporate profits that surpass the AED 375,000 ($102,000) threshold. Remarkably, profits falling below this threshold will enjoy full exemption from taxation.

For businesses operating within the UAE, compliance with these corporate tax regulations is no longer a choice but a requirement. It entails the diligent filing of annual tax returns and the meticulous maintenance of comprehensive accounting records in accordance with pertinent laws and regulations.

This regulatory framework aims to ensure transparency and fairness in the taxation system, promoting a thriving business environment for enterprises of all sizes in the United Arab Emirates.

The introduction of Corporate Tax in the UAE serves as a significant step towards fulfilling the nation’s strategic objectives and expediting its growth and transformation.

Leveraging its extensive network of double tax treaties, the UAE is poised to establish itself as a prominent hub for business and investment, fortified by a competitive corporate tax framework aligned with international standards.

Benefitting from its stature as a global financial and economic epicenter, the UAE Corporate Tax Code is founded on globally recognized and respected principles, drawing inspiration from best practices worldwide. Consequently, the UAE Corporate Tax Law is meticulously crafted to be transparent in its implications and easily comprehensible for all stakeholders.

This forward-looking approach not only bolsters the UAE’s attractiveness as a destination for businesses and investments but also reinforces its commitment to upholding international standards in taxation, fostering a conducive environment for economic prosperity.

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Not everyone is fully aware of the measures required to maintain their status as responsible taxpayers, whether they are individuals or businesses dealing with taxation matters. In such circumstances, engaging the services of experienced Corporate Tax Consultants becomes essential, as it serves as a safeguard against potential legal consequences.

By ensuring that your tax obligations are met promptly and accurately with the assistance of a Corporate Tax Consultant, you can uphold your reputation and earn the respect associated with being a diligent taxpayer.

Our team of UAE Corporate Tax Consultants possesses extensive knowledge and proficiency in assisting clients in addressing their tax-related concerns using lawful means and available exemptions. Similarly, our UAE corporate tax advisory services are committed to aligning our clients’ tax strategies with the relevant laws and regulations on a daily basis.

What is Corporate Tax Rate in UAE?

The Corporate Tax Rate in the UAE is structured as follows:

1. Resident Taxable Persons:

– 0% corporate tax rate for taxable income not exceeding AED 375,000 (subject to confirmation in a Cabinet Decision).
 9% corporate tax rate for taxable income exceeding AED 375,000.

2. Qualifying Free Zone Persons:

 0% corporate tax rate for Qualifying Income.
9% corporate tax rate for taxable income that does not meet the Qualifying Income definition.

The applicability of Corporate Tax in the UAE extends to the following categories:

 All businesses and individuals conducting commercial activities under a valid license in the UAE.
 Free zone businesses, with the caveat that the UAE Corporate Tax regime will uphold the existing Corporate Tax incentives provided to free zone businesses that adhere to all regulatory requirements and operate exclusively within the UAE’s free zones.
 Foreign entities and individuals, but only if they engage in trade or business activities within the UAE on a regular and ongoing basis.

Specific sectors subject to Corporate Tax include:

 Banking operations.
 Businesses involved in real estate management, construction, development, agency, and brokerage activities.

This comprehensive taxation framework ensures clarity and fairness in the UAE’s corporate tax system, promoting a conducive environment for businesses and investments while adhering to international standards.

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